The most favorable rugs for the corporate environment

The corporate world today is a constant evolution. When addressing the issue of installing a new office building, countless questions and concerns arise about how to go about in order to make a good impression on your customers and be functional for company employees.

So uncertain is this world when we look to the future and more unpredictable it is to have a clear idea of how many square meters would be enough to rent for office space. After some time, it may happen that more space is required or a better location has been found for certain departments of the company so that they require a transfer, also within a few years the need may arise for the corporate image to be renewed and with it the known search processes in the supply of furnishing products for the office space.

It is due to the search for corporate furnishing products that the name Interface becomes familiar, as it is the world's largest modular carpet manufacturer, and also was the first in the industry in shifting to sustainable production and eliminating chemical inputs unfriendly to the environment.

The main input for the production of these rugs is nylon, and being a synthetic material it had a negative impact on the guidelines that the Atlanta-based company was looking for in terms of sustainability in the mid-nineties. With a great will the founder of the company, Ray Anderson acted admirably when he took the initiative to investigate thoroughly all inputs arriving at the factory, finding the answers in using recycled products that managed to maintain quality standards while reducing their carbon footprint, thus new parameters where defined that today are the norm.

The rugs made by Interface are very easy to use, both in storage and in the transfer of these and much easier when installing, uninstalling or adding more product.

These rugs are available in the Costa Rican market. Euromobilia has been selected as their representative, the reality of both companies being very similar in both the design theme, as well as being part of the initiatives in sustainability.